Friday, June 26, 2009

And now for a little perspective...

In the midst of all the hoohaa about swine flu, it's worth keeping in mind some of the world's other problems...

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  1. Interesting Craig...I think it is the fact that swine flu is affecting people globally that is forcing us to take notice, whereas malaria is only prevelant in some parts of the globe.

  2. Well said! As a person who experienced malaria over several years and had to go through an awful high-dose quinine period to finally eradicate it from the system I am glad you have presented this image. Haven't had the swine flu but from what I have heard from firends who have, then there is no comparison. Is this another case of something potentially negatively impacting western economy so gets high profile?

  3. Thanks Dorothy. Wow, I can't say I've experienced that one myself, but like you say, I think I'd have swine flu any time over malaria. They were my thoughts exactly, that the emphasis on the effects this will have on the west during a time of recession comes as a result of our 'westocentric' media sources.